Enter Code – Enter Amazon Activation Code

To watch online prime recordings on gadgets like PCs, PCs, cell phones, and brilliant television. You need to enter the 6 digit amazon initiation code at or to watch the excellent video for nothing. Watch amazon prime scenes on your gadget to sign in or make another amazon account utilizing email and secret phrase.

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Amazon prime is a paid online streaming services used at It gives users access to a wide range of services like fast delivery, watches unlimited videos online, online movies, or prime videos. Users can watch instant videos for free or with amazon prime membership.

Where to Enter Amazon Activation Code?

Enter the 6 character code on the site – This amazon my TV looks like UENKSE. Enter this code on the box & Tap on the register button.

Stream Amazon Video on Device Using

  1. Connect your smart tv with the Wifi
  2. Open Application Store and Download the prime video app
  3. Click on the Download button to start the downloading process
  4. When Downloaded, open the amazon prime app
  5. Click on the link “Register on amazon website
  6. You will get the Amazon activation code
  7. Open the Official Website
  8. Enter your Email address and password to login amazon account
  9. If you don’t have any account then you can create an account
  10. Enter the Activation Code
  11. Now, click on the continue button
  12. You will receive the congratulation message on your TV screen after the successful activation
  13. Click on the continue button
  14. Now you can enjoy the amazon prime videos on your device.

Create Amazon Prime Video Account

To watch, stream and download your favorite movies, you need to have an Amazon Prime Video account. If you are new to Amazon Prime Video, you may face some difficulties in creating an account. We have mentioned the whole process below:

  1. First of all, connect your PC or laptop to the internet.
  2. Open your web browser.
  3. Type in your internet browser’s search bar.
  4. You have to click on the “Create your Amazon Account” option
  5. As you click it, you will see a new sign-page.
  6. You have to enter your name and then enter your valid email address.
  7. Create a strong password for the account. Your password must exceed six characters.
  8. Re-enter the same password to confirm.
  9. After that, you need to click the option that reads “Create your Amazon account.“
  10. Your Amazon Prime Video account is ready now.
  11. As a first-time user, you will get a 30-day free trial.

Sign in to Your Amazon Prime Video account

After going through the process of creating your Amazon Prime Video account, you can sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account and enjoy watching popular TV shows and movies. Follow the procedure:

  • Visit
  • After visiting the site, you will see a sign-in page.
  • Type the email address that you entered for creating your Amazon Prime Video account.
  • After that, enter the password for your Amazon Prime Video account.
  • Read Amazon’s Conditions of Use and Privacy Notice.
  • If you want to skip the sign-in process every time you sign in, tick the “Keep me signed in” box.
  • Click the sign-in button to access your Amazon Prime Video account.
  • Now, you are signed in to your Amazon Prime Video account.

Download and Install Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV

Watching popular movies on Smart TV is a good experience. You can now enjoy watching your favorite movies on your Smart TV in HD quality by downloading and installing Amazon Prime Video. Follow the steps described below:

  1. Turn on your smart TV.
  2. Now, you need to go to the “App” section.
  3. Search for Amazon Prime Video.
  4. Download and install the application on the Smart TV.
  5. Now, you have to go to by accessing your Smartphone browser.
  6. When you see the six-digit code appearing on the Smart TV, you have to enter the same code on your Smartphone to sync your Smart TV with your Smartphone.
  7. Once the Smart TV and your Smartphone have been synced, enjoy popular movies.

Steps to Link Your Amazon Prime TV to Alexa App

We have shared the easy and quick procedure below. Follow the steps:


  1. First of all, open the Alexa app.
  2. Click the “More.”
  3. Then, choose the “More” option.
  4. After that, you have to select the “Settings.”
  5. Select the “TV & Video” option.
  6. Choose a service provider such as Amazon Prime.
  7. Click the “Enable Skill” option.
  8. To complete the process, you need to follow the instructions that you see on the screen.

Download Amazon Prime Video App on Android

Below is the process of downloading Amazon Prime Video on your Android device. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Search for the Amazon Prime Video in the Google Play Store’s search bar.
  • When you see the app, click it.
  • Tap on the green “Install” icon.
  • The download will begin. The process may take some minutes, depending on the internet speed.